This Jaguar tracking itinerary is intended for a maximum of 6 - 10 people. The wildlife in the region is fantastic, and there is a high chance of spotting the elusive and impressive jaguar during the dry season. While tracking the jaguars, you can see other interesting wildlife such as monkeys, giant river otters, and numerous bird species all from our well equipped boats. Our specialized knowledge of the Pantanal ensures that visitors are shown all the best areas, so that they can fully appreciate the environment and have an excellent chance to see the jaguar in the wild.

Most visitors who spend five days or more at the Camp will see more than a few  jaguars. Of course, we cannot offer a guarantee that you will see one of these marvellous creatures, but we can promise that you will see other equally breathtaking wildlife during your stay. Smaller cats such as the ocelot, as well as other animals such as foxes, howler monkeys, and caiman are all a regular feature of the area. Tapirs, giant anteaters, capybara, and peccaries and hyacinth macaws which are rare in most of their remaining habitats, are also seen here. Our guides have the Jaguar IDs created by the owner of the lodge  of most seen jaguars  and also ID records of past 10 years that are nearly 200 different jaguars. The ID helps our guests to know more about the jaguar they will be watching during our tour. 

12 most commonly seen jaguars in 2019 -  By P. Jaguar Camp. 

A mother and her cubs we in our area, creating a database for the following years to understand their genealogy and their interactions we they meet each other. 

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