Our accommodation is simple, yet comfortable and unique. 

Located in the shade of the acuri palms we share home with the Hyacinth macaw, capuchin and howler monkeys. The lodge is fully equipped with air conditioning rooms and restaurant. Our restaurant offers exceptional Pantanal cuisine, imported wines and traditional drinks. Providing comfortable seating areas and incomparably clean rooms. Mineral water is always free for our guests during meals and excursions. For those who like to stay connected we provide 24hr Wi-Fi and we are always carrying VHF radio for your safety during tours. Pantanal Jaguar Camp operates year round, so contact us now for our availability.



Pantanal Jaguar Camp's main principals are to co-exist by practicing conservation through ecotourism

The camp is licensed by the secretary of environment respecting nature and the natural treasures of the Pantanal.  The electricity is partially supplied by solar panels providing electricity 24hrs a day. All the water in the lodge is treated before and after it is put back into the environment, minimizing our environmental impact. All our boats are 4-stroke providing a peaceful and smokeless experience


Following our standards, we strive to provide jobs to local people and conservation entities.

We are trying to help the education of the local people in the Pantanal by not only providing them jobs but also material for them to learn English. We have also developed a relationship School, teachers and other institutions by offering our service for them to further conduct their our local jaguar research. 


Our featured work with renowned nature programs

We have worked with creators of many different nature documentaries from Discovery channel, National Geographic, Plant Earth II, ART TV, GLOBO, BBC, Netflix, VICE and hundreds of thousands of wildlife photographers. They chose us because we provide expert guiding and boat driving services that allowed them to capture the wildlife and culture of the Pantanal on film.

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An amazing guests who came to see the wild region Porto Jofre. ...........................
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Starting from scratch, with pure determination and ambition Ailton has created a new level of successfully professionalism.

The Pantanal Jaguar Camp was created by a tour guide whose dream came true. As young boy, he was brought on a cattle ranch wanting to work as a wildlife guide to share his knowledge and passion with others. Facing a lot of obstacles, which did not deter him, he now owns one of the most successful and recommended jaguar observation operations in the Pantanal.