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Jaguar Camp Lodge

Expect a simple yet comfortable environment with full board accommodations in the best location for both jaguar and giant otters on the planet.The Jaguar Camp is set on a pristine location for wildlife and it provides a very good chance of spotting the elusive and impressive jaguar. While tracking the jaguars, you can see other interesting wildlife such as monkeys, giant river otters, and numerous bird species from our well-equipped boats.

At the lodge we have spent years observing the jaguars and other wildlife species in order to have a strong record of success in tracking jaguars, river otters and other animals and birds. Finding them is not a guarantee, of course, but we promise to show our guests the breathtaking wildlife of this fantastic reserve with all it has to offer. This is the perfect spot for those who be in the best place on the planet see jaguars !


Set up on a simple environment, the room is equipped with air-conditioned rooms, each with private bathroom and a minibar; a restaurant with Pantanal traditional cuisine; electricity (110 V); Wi-fi internet connection; and exclusive fully equipped boats for river safaris, which will put you in close range with the wild nature of the Pantanal, all adding up to a great experience in the wild.

Featured Work with renowned Nature Programs

We have worked with creators of nature documentaries from the BBC Planet Earth II, Our Planet (Netflix), Discovery Channel ( Dual Suvivor ), National Geographic ( secret Brazil), ART TV (Les Aux Salvages), GLOBO, Planet  At Night, Love Nature (Canada) and other channels to provide expert fixers and  guided services that have helped them develop their programs by capturing the wildlife and culture of the Pantanal on film. 







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